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CCTV systems are a crucial part in protecting your asset be it your home, business, vehicles and land. From theft and vandalism. Across Hampshire, Surrey, Thames Valley, London and the Home Counties.

CCTV cameras are a great deterrent for thieves this does not mean it will stop illegal activity happening but will stop and make people think twice. Whilst capturing evidence.
We can provide systems for residential and commercial.
Having a CCTV system installed can give great peace of mind for homeowners, whether you are on holiday and just want to check around your property or in bed and hear noises outside you can quickly have a look on your phone to see what’s going on around your house. This is great for any family members home alone gives great peace of mind knowing you can view around your property.



Is one of the most important tools to help fight against crime. As well as a deterrent these systems can store evidence of wrongdoing which can help prosecute against an individual as well as locating stolen property. we can also use our system to monitor footfall and heat mapping in retail systems as well as item removed and item appearance technology. 
We can also provide systems that require number plate recognition using the latest in technology ANPR cameras. We can link ANPR systems in to gates and barriers also creating a vehicle parking counting system which will only allow the right amount of vehicles in for the amount of car parking spaces..


Residential CCTV systems should always be operated in a way that protects the privacy of others.
Not only does residential CCTV provide a great deterrent to theft and burglary – many home owners are using it to gather evidence against anti-social behaviour which is happening frequently across areas of the UK.
Leaving your property unprotected leaves you at risk, installing CCTV lowers the risk substantially.
It’s simple, CCTV helps deter thieves and you can use your CCTV footage to provide evidence if needed against a range of crimes. Peace of mind is something you cannot put a price on.
We have cameras to suit every property, from small to large properties – we can protect you with high-quality residential CCTV. All of our systems as a minimum are full HD and we can offer full 4K CCTV systems if required.
We will Design a bespoke system for your needs and budget. Our installations are to the highest quality we look at it as would we be happy with the installation on our own home, our homes are our castle and should be respected by any service being installed.



  • You are able to view your CCTV cameras from your phone or tablet from any locations

  • You can view multiple locations at the same time

  • CCTV footage can be used as evidence to the police as a proof of crime

  • We offer a bespoke system on a customer by customer basis determining your needs and budget but at a minimum all our systems are full HD .

  • Using the latest in technology always seeking new tech and trends

  • We can offer systems with infra reds, as well as the new colorvu technology. 

  • Infrared cameras at night will be in black and white and are the most common of install. The smart ir function allows for a great detailed picture at night.

  • Colorvu technology will stay colour in extremely low light conditions giving great quality colour images at night giving that extra piece of information for evidential purposes.

  • Most burglaries attacks and vandalism happens under the cover of night so we will make sure all customers have the right cameras for their lighting level and needs.

  • We can also add smart events which covers intrusion detection- this is where we set up parameters on the system where we would draw an area on the camera image, we would then define the size of the object we want to pick up. We can then set the time limit of the object to be in the area before triggering the app.

Incorporating a CCTV system with one of our alarm systems is a great choice as you are then able to verify an alarm activation from anywhere in the world all linked into 1 application.

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