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Gate integration is a great security solution to prevent access onto your property. Across Hampshire, Surrey, Thames Valley, London and the Home Counties.

We can further secure your gates by fitting electronic locking devices which will lock the gates and stop them from being prized open as electric gates do not normally come with a locking device.



A basic installation of access control to the gate can be just a code reader fitted and this will release the lock and open the gates once the correct code has been entered.

Another option would be to add a access control systems fitted with a card reader to a gate post where you would then swipe your card and the gates would release. We can then look at adding long distance readers which will allow you to stay in your vehicle drive up to the gates and the gate will release. All our readers are fully encrypted to the highest level of security.

We can also add wireless fobs to release your gates as well.

intercom systems can also be fitted to enable you to hear and see people from inside your property before allowing them access.

24 Hour Call Out & Maintenance

To ensure that you and your property are protected at all times.

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