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Alarm systems are key to protecting your property by alerting you of intrusion.



This type of system is our entry level option, which provides a very cost effective solution. This system will only activate internal and external alarms when the system is tripped


These type of systems are very popular for domestic properties. This type of system will notify you wherever you are in the world on your phone or tablet, as long as you have network coverage.
You can also set/unset the alarm from your app as well as checking status of detection devices.
We can also integrate this alarm app with our CCTV app so you have everything in one place, at your fingertips.

Alarm recieving centre picture.jpg


This is our top monitored alarm system which, when triggered, will signal to our approved ARC (Alarm Response Centre) which operates 24 hrs a day. We can use multiple different signalling devices from basic telephone line connections or dual streaming which would use phone line and a GSM mobile network. We are also able to use Redcare which is a dedicated monitored line. These types of systems are widely used for business premises who need full security and back up in the event of an activation.
We are also able to set up multiple key holders that will be contacted when an alarm activation occurs and visit the site to ensure a security evaluation can be carried out and report back to any key holders. We can also utilise phone lines, Wi-Fi and IP LAN connections to send signals out.


Our wired alarm systems are provided by Pyronix, renowned technology and quality mean these systems are at the top end of the security market.
Wired systems mean that cables would be run to each detection location and return back to the control panel equipment and terminated.
These are extremely reliable and do not rely on the changing device batteries.
With our wired systems we can also add further equipment to make what we call a ‘hybrid system’ which can make it wireless as well. This has its benefits of adding wireless detectors in buildings or areas that are very difficult to get cables to. Additional equipment such as wireless smoke and cod detectors can be added in multiple locations.

wired control panel.png


These systems are also made by Pyronix, and we have been using these systems for over 10 years as we know they are the best on the market. When wireless alarms were first introduced, they suffered from multiple failures and false activations. Wind forwards a few years and Pyronix bought out their enforcer range…this was a game changer! Simple, effective and extremely robust technology has defined how well these system operate, and with near zero false activations, these systems have proven themselves time and time again.
The wireless technology put into this system is incredible, we can fit alarm detectors up to 300m from the panel with 100% accuracy. We are able to fit detection devices wherever you want as there is no need for cables…which is great news if you have just decorated! Again, the technology is very expandable and can also connect to Wi-Fi to send signals to your phone or tablet via the app.


There are many different detection devices that can give you piece of mind. We will design a system that works for you and your needs. We have many solutions available that can help our customers.

With years of experience we are able to take over 99% of alarm systems on the market and offer our maintenance and 24hr call out response. We can also install a specific manufacture at customer request.

Dualtech motion detector

Uses passive infrared and microwave sensors for highly accurate detect the using this technology reduces risk of false alarms.


Magnetic door contacts detect doors opening and closing

PIR motion

Is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view.


Will detect vibrations on doors and windows

smoke detector.jpg
Smoke Detectors & Co2 Detectors

These can be linked to the alarm and ring internal external bells and the app on your phone or tablet.


We can add flood detection for basements or areas you need to be notified of any water ingress.

Install Required?

Contact us for an immediate evaluation of your needs!

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